IL Senator Mark Kirk hears from Veterans in Reynolds, talks Trump


REYNOLDS, Ill (KWQC)- Illinois Senator Mark Kirk stopped at the American Legion Post 1166 in Reynolds to hear from Veterans.

He hosted a round table to answer questions and hear about care at different VA clinics in the area.

Senator Kirk is locked in a dead heat with Tammy Duckworth in the race for his senate seat.

He was the first senator to retract his endorsement of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, he did so in June.

Kirk was asked if Trump’s comments have hurt his campaign, he said they hadn’t.

He also called for the Republican National Committee to have an emergency meeting to appoint a new candidate.

“The question is, do you risk historic defeat or do you take the senate and house with you?” Senator Kirk said after the Veterans round table. “The real tragedy of this would be if Trump’s misdoings take the senate and house with him and the country then turns to the left when it didn’t want to.”

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