Quad Citians want presidential candidates to talk more about issues


QUAD CITIES (KWQC) – Many in the Quad Cites say there’s still a lot they want to see from the presidential candidates before they cast their votes in less than a month.

“I’m not happy with anything that’s occurred in this last few months of the campaigns,” Drue Mielke, a Rock Island County Board member, said.

The second presidential debate is over, but some people watching from the Quad Cities say they’re not happy with the candidates.

“They’re doing a lot of I’m going to make you look bad so that if people think bad of you, they won’t vote for you, then that’s not helping us,” Marvin Ware, of Davenport, said.

“It’s almost been like a comedy show being watched, a series of comedy being watched,” Marjorie Woods, of Davenport, added. “You know, he said this and he said that and throwing mud at each other.”

Many agree they want to see less arguing, and more talk about the issues.

“I would like to hear something about ISIS, I would like to hear about Benghazi you know, and I would like to hear about the emails only as much as it affects national security,” Mielke said. “I want to know that whoever is going to be our next president is going to protect our nation.”

“What are their goals for the country, and how do they plan to handle the country’s problems?” Bill Bloom, chairman of the Rock Island County Republican Party, added.

Supporters of both parties say they hope these kinds of questions are answered in the final debate next week.

“I don’t want her hating on him or him hating on her, I just want to know who’s going to do what for our country,” Woods said.

“There’s a very stark difference and for people who are unclear really need to look and see what they’ve committed to doing,” Emma Walters, an organizer with the Iowa Democratic Party, said.

The third and final debate will take place at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Oct. 19.

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