The Center steps up to aid King’s Harvest residents


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Due to last Friday’s storm, King’s Harvest is temporarily closed. Residents have been staying in the Lincoln School with the assistance of the Red Cross.

Because of the closure, The Center in Davenport has seen much more traffic the past few days.

The Center in Davenport normally does homeless outreach, providing assistance with job search and transportation. It also offers a place to shower.

The Center’s director, Pennie Kellenberger says it has seen a big increase, in large part of King’s Harvest residents.

“It’s a little hectic, but we knew that was going to happen,” says Kellenberger.

“We knew that all the of the people were staying at King’s Harvest so already we knew who was in need,” she continues.

The Center does not provide meals on-site, but does occasionally serve family-style meals.

Non-profits helping one another in a time of need is a part of what their missions are, Killenberger says.

“I would hope that any one of the non-profits would step in and help the other non-profits out, I mean that’s what it’s about isn’t it?” she asks.

The Center is currently collecting donations of socks and mittens to pass out during the coming winter months.

Additionally, The Center will be hosting a dinner theater fundraiser on Saturday to raise money for homeless outreach. For more information on that event, click here.

King’s Harvest is expecting an engineer to come out and survey the damage this week. It’s unsure when doors will reopen.

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