Damage assessment teams will estimate local impact of EF-1 tornado

Greenbrier and Tanglefoot in Bettendorf  10/7/16 - Elizabeth Giza
Greenbrier and Tanglefoot in Bettendorf 10/7/16 - Elizabeth Giza

SCOTT COUNTY, Iowa (KWQC) — Damage assessment teams are visiting properties in Davenport, Bettendorf and unincorporated parts of Scott County over the next several days. Dave Donovan, Emergency Management Coordinator for the Scott County EMA, said the teams are looking to document and classify damage evidence.

The National Weather Service determined that an EF-1 tornado with wind speeds up to 115 mph tore a 20 mile path through Scott County on Thursday, October 6. The NWS said the tornado crossed the Mississippi River into Cordova, Ill. Trees were uprooted and power lines were down. Donovan said MidAmerican crews worked for days to restore power.

There’s damage to private properties and farms, as well as businesses. King’s Harvest, a homeless shelter in Davenport sustained extensive damage and is currently closed. People in need are finding shelter at a temporary site while an engineer performs an assessment at King’s Harvest. Donovan said the storm also pulled a section of roof from the Scott County Jail.

Officials don’t expect to receive any federal or state aid but this documentation will help county and city officials accurately estimate the cost impact of the storm.

“We won’t know for sure unless we do a more thorough, systematic damage assessment,” Donovan said.

The assessment teams are made up of city and county staff. They’re using storm path maps provided by the NWS as well as property parcel listings.


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