Farmers get down to business, ready for Harvest in QCA


Albany, Illinois (KWQC) Farmers in Albany are hard at work in the fields, harvesting soybeans before the colder weather sets in. Harvesting has been a big issue the last few weeks due to the amount of flooding across the QCA. But on a picture perfect day, many farmers were harvesting their soybeans as qucikly and effeciently as they could.

But maybe a little too quickly, many trucks were seen lining up across alongside the road parallel to the Bunge Elevator Grains. Jay Wolf, a photographer , who also assists his brother with harvesting says he hasn’t seen the lines that long for harvest in nearly 20 years, but says it’s an adjustable situation.

“You know what, it’s the fall,” said Wolf. “The farmers are used to that, maybe not quite what we’re seeing right now, you know you’ve got beans coming from southern wisconsin all the way from below the Quad Cities, that are coming to Bunge to the River terminal, and it makes for long lines.”

Wolf also believes that the farmers have been faced with these challenges, their harvest shouldn’t be affected long term.

“In another week I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of soybeans left to take out,” said Wolf. “These guys are really getting with it, right now the game is beans and it’s time to get them out, and their doing it.”


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