Davenport police officer in officer-involved shooting resigns

Officer Involved Shooting 7

DAVENPORT, Iowa. (KWQC) — One of the Davenport police officers involved in a July 19th shooting has resigned his position with the department.  TV-6 discovered the status change as we’ve tried to get records from the police and sheriff’s departments for documents related to the investigations.

Davenport officers Shawn Sullivan and Andrew Weingart were attempting to make a traffic stop in a store parking lot on Rockingham Road. Surveillance video shows their squad car speeding into the lot and the officers getting out. Shortly after, the video shows the driver of the car the officers were trying to stop slammed into their squad car. Both Sullivan and Weingart shot at the driver.

The driver was later identified as 19-year-old Rodricco Parks. He was treated at the hospital for a gun shot wound but was not arrested at the time. An arrest warrant was issued for Parks days later.

Last week Parks was arrested at a Davenport Wal-Mart and is facing a number of charges including probation violation, leaving the scene of an accident, and assault on a police officer. Officer Weingart resigned on September 10th.

Scott County Attorney Mike Walton did not file any criminal charges against the officers when he announced the charges against Parks on August 24th. Because of the ongoing criminal matter with Parks, he will not release the Sheriff’s department investigation into the officers’ actions.

Davenport won’t release records related to its investigation into the officers’ actions either. It’s relying on an exemption in the Iowa Code that allows cities to withhold nearly all information in an employee’s personnel file.

The City would only say Weingart resigned and Sullivan is employed by the city. The police union would not comment.
We are trying to get more details from police but Chief Paul Sikorski has not responded to the questions we sent to him Tuesday.

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