Illinois candidate says opponent’s ad is illegal


SILVIS, Ill. (KWQC) One candidate is making claims of impropriety by his opponent in the Illinois House race that includes the Quad Cities.
Mike Halpin, the Democratic candidate for Illinois House Dist. 72,  claims that a campaign ad that supports his opponent, Republican Brandi McGuire, illegally uses military logos. Halpin was surrounded by military veterans at the Hero Street monument Wednesday morning where he announced his plans to call for an investigation.

“That includes military insignia, seals and in photos without proper authorization by the Department of Defense. So, I believe the investigation into whether the illegal act should be addressed, and the ad itself should be taken down,” Halpin said.

The Halpin campaign alleges that the photos of the reservist in his fatigues with seals visible, violates Department of Defense policy.

Halpin says the TV commercial and an advertisement sent through the mail are sponsored by the Liberty Principles PAC.

KWQC contacted the McGuire campaign for comment. She released a statement saying in part that he is “making baseless allegations about an advertisement that my campaign did not even produce. And he misused honorable people, some of our veterans and honorable institutions to do it.”

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