Milan dispensary reaches out to Quad Cities Veterans


MILAN, Ill. (KWQC) – PTSD was added to a list of diseases eligible for medical marijuana treatment in Illinois this summer. Now a local dispensary is trying to reach out to veterans in the QCA who might benefit from the treatment. And a former Davenport man is sharing his own experience with the disease, and the drug.

“It is a matter of life and death for some veterans,” said Marine Corps Veteran Logan Edwards.

Edwards returned home after six years of service, and a tour in Iraq, in 2008. That was the end of his service as a U.S. Marines. He said it was hard to re-adjust to civilian life.

“I initially started to use alcohol quite a bit and that became a problem,” Edwards said. “Kind of ruined a lot of different aspects of my life.”

Edwards said he sought treatment through Veterans Affairs.

“I tried a couple different treatment programs through them, and went as far as an inpatient treatment for three months trying a whole host of different medications and upon leaving, none of the medications had really helped me,” Edwards said.
He says the medications often left him feeling drugged, and sleeping most of the day.

“I wasn’t very functional, I couldn’t hold a job, I couldn’t go to school and I really couldn’t be trusted to take care of my daughter,” he said.

Then someone suggested a different treatment.

“It was at the advice of a Vietnam Veteran, he told me to try cannabis, and I started trying cannabis and it helped immensely,” Edwards said.  He’s been an advocate for it ever since, and says he is happy to see some in the Quad Cities now have the option to legally seek medical cannabis to help treat PTSD.

“It’s proven that cannabis can really, really, help them  and that’s really what we’re here for is we’re here to provide information,” said Dispensary Agent-in-Charge for Nature’s Treatment Center Illinois, Ron Glassner.

He said the dispensary wants to educate veterans about the treatment option, and help ease any anxieties about the application process.

“We’re here locally in Milan,” Glassner said. We’ll help them do anything. We’ll sit down and hand fill it out with them if that’s what they want to do.”

“Cannabis isn’t a cure all,” Edwards said. “It’s not the silver bullet. It’s not going to cure all the ailments, but it does help reduce a lot of the symptoms to a manageable state.”


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