Former President Bill Clinton stops in the QCA


CLINTON & DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC)- Former President Bill Clinton stopped in Clinton, Iowa to talk to voters and then headed to Davenport to hold a rally.

In Clinton, he stopped at The Old Town Restaurant to speak to Iowans eating an early dinner. One woman asked him about gun control legislation, another just simply said, “Nice to meet you Mr. President.” and shook his hand.

He then moved onto Davenport and spoke at Davenport North High School.

Three protesters were kicked out for yelling obscenities at the former president.

Once the dust settled, Clinton hit on the issues. He spoke about adding jobs, getting affordable broadband, and renewable energy.

“Iowa, in part, has a bright future,” Clinton said. “You lead America and the percentage of base load energy that comes from the wind.”

He then moved on to prison reform, college costs and terrorism.

“We can’t win this fight without the help of American Muslims that live in this country and hate terror and believe they can make a contribution to our future,” he said.

Some at the rally, say they were just excited to see a former president first hand.

“I thought he did an outstanding job of talking about the issues and relating to the audience of all ages,” Said Paul Johnson, who was the first president at Davenport North High in the 1980’s.

He joked that if a former president showed up at the school he used to work at, he better show up.

Even though the aren’t able to vote, some North students got the chance to meet Clinton.

“He shook all of our hands” said Sabrina Duran.

“It was a really exciting experience,” said Brooklyn Herrera. “We had previously met Bernie Sanders. So, we’re really interested in politics. So, he’s a huge figure and he’s so iconic, it was really exciting.

Students who met Clinton were part of Davenport North’s dual enrollment program with Scott Community College.

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