Henry County Sheriff’s urge community to vote for Sales Tax


Cambridge, Il. (KWQC) It’s been a battle the Henry County Sheriff’s office has been fighting for nearly two years. The Sheriff hopes the public safety sales tax will pass this year, in order to avoid making cuts to the budget, asking for a half cent sales tax.

“We’re asking for a half-a-cent sales tax, if you spend $100 it would be an extra 50 cents,very minimal” said Sheriff Jim Padilla

With a small revenue and small staff, the Sheriff’s office is asking for the communities help to vote for the sales tax. Padilla says he sometimes has only 2 patrol officers patrolling the highways, and that’s not enough officers to cover the 827 square miles of the county.

“It’s not safe for the public either, if they have an emergency caller and they’re wanting to see someone quickly as they possibly can, it can take a considerable amount of time for us to respond to that.” said Padilla.

The money will also be used to to pay for new patrol cars, cameras in the jail, upkeep of the jail. The sheriff says the department has 10 squad cars that break down regularly, and are well over 100,000 miles on each of them.

Padilla also wants the public to know that the public safety sales tax is not a tax that Henry County Sheriff’s will have to pay.

“Anybody that comes through Henry County that would stop along the interstate to get gasoline or food is also paying into that public safety tax, not just henry county citizens.” said Padilla


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