Voters express mixed opinions about “poll watchers” on Election Day


DAVENPORT, Ia. (KWQC)- As the countdown continues until Election Day the Scott County Auditor’s office said they’re preparing for the large crowds.

“We staff up for general elections we usually double the staff of what we have working here, we have been processing approximately 1,000 absentee ballots everyday,” said Roland Caldwell, Operations Manager.

Both the Scott County Democratic and Republican parties are still looking for poll watchers ahead of November 8th. According to the Scott County Auditor’s office, poll watchers are intended to guard against violations of election laws. In Scott County, each political party is allowed to have three poll watchers per precinct. Throughout the day poll watchers serve two to three-hour shifts and typically report back to their party. Although some believe poll watchers help maintain the integrity of the voting process, others say it increases opportunity for voter intimidation.

“Being around you got these strangers that are standing around you and looking at you that can be an intimidation factor,” said Raydell Hurt.

First time poll watcher, Maria Bribriesco, said her intention this year is to ensure everyone eligible is able to vote.

“What I’ll be looking for is to make sure that nobody is interfering with anybody’s right to vote. The right to vote is fundamental and it is your right and it is actually a federal crime to interfere with someone’s right to vote,” said Bribriesco.

Poll watching is a volunteer position and those interested must attend a training session prior to Election Day. If you are interested in signing up you can do so by contacting the Scott County Republican or Democratic parties.





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