Parkview Mall shop re-opens today



(Eldridge. IA) 2 months ago, strong storms swept through most of the QCA. One area that caught the worst of the storms rage, was the Parkview Mall strip in Eldridge. Damaging much of the malls roofing, one store in particular that was affected was the well known mom and pop shop, “Mama’s Parlor.” The entire roof was ripped from the shop, at that time, the owner of the Mama’s Parlor, Joyce Culver said the store was at a total loss, and ‘out of commission.’

But today that all changed, Culver’s store was re-opened for the first time in since the storm nearly blew away her store.

“It’s been tough,” said Culver. “I’m going to be 58 in a couple of weeks, and I’ll tell you what this has been the worst 10 weeks of my whole entire life, it really has.”

That all changed today, locals who come to the shop regularly came to see the remodeled hot spot in town. Some of them believes it’s not going to take long for the shop to get back on it’s feet.

“Out this way people tend to rely on each other and help each other out, said customer, Robertta Deufedlt. “So I think they’ll be very busy to help them make for those circumstances people out here are real good about helping one another out.”

Mama’s Parlor also has a new slogan: “We weathered the storm, now we’re dancing in the rain.” Employee Ashton Showers, who was with Culver the night of the storm, says it means to they fought through the tough times and know they can get through anything. 

The shop is open Monday-Friday 11AM to 9PM.

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