Iowa launches hotline to report foodborne illnesses


DES MOINES, Iowa (KWQC) – Ever get sick after eating out and wonder if it was caused by food poisoning? The State of Iowa is trying to better track outbreaks of foodborne illnesses with a new hotline.

The IowaSic hotline will be answered by trained specialists from the Iowa Department of Public Health  who will ask about symptoms, onset and duration, and also complete a history of all foods consumed over the past several days. The idea is to quickly identify and reduce the number of foodborne illnesses.

Food poisoning happens after eating or drinking contaminated food or beverages, and occurs at any time throughout the food preparation process, including growing, distribution, storage, cooking, and serving. Often, food-borne illness is the result of cross-contamination, poor hygiene, or improper heating and cooling of prepared foods.

If you suspect food poisoning after eating food from a restaurant, grocery store, convenience store, or public gathering, call the IowaSic hotline: 1-844-469-2742.



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