Political sign stealing at an all-time high this election cycle


ROCK ISLAND, Il. (KWQC)- Steve Grubbs, owner of VictoryStore.com, works year round printing signs for different events. However, Grubbs said this year they are busier than previous election seasons, printing nearly 50,000 political signs before November 8th.

“We’ve worked 18 hours a day for about eight weeks to make sure we get all the signs out for this election cycle.”

The company is working to print a surplus of signs after reports that signs are being stolen from several yards throughout the Quad Cities. Rock Island County Republican Chairman, Bill Bloom, said replacing stolen signs each day has become routine.

“We’ve seen probably somewhere in the area of a quarter of them removed, stolen often it’s within 24 hours of being put in the ground.”

Bloom said they’ve printed about 200 signs since the start of the election season and of those, 70 have been stolen. Scott County Democratic Chairman, Thom Hart, said although sign stealing is nothing new, he does believe it’s become a bigger problem due to the nature of this election cycle.

“I don’t think it’s any more or less a problem than it’s been in previous years, I do think the general negative discourse and elections in modern times makes it worse than it was maybe 30 or 40 years ago.”

The Rock Island County Republicans offer a first sign to anyone interested with a request of a $5 donation. If that sign is stolen they will replace that sign for free. Hillary Clinton supporters can request a sign from the Hillary Clinton website.

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