Criminal charges dismissed against Fulton, Ill. mayor


FULTON, Ill. (KWQC) — Criminal charges against Fulton Mayor Larry Russell have been dismissed. The Whiteside County Court dismissed all charges against the mayor that were filed in August 2016, saying the case was genuine, but civil and not criminal.

According to Russell’s lawyer, Attorney James Mertes , in April, 2016, Russell was involved in a “civil disagreement” with the City of Fulton Marina. He says Russell believed that he was entitled to a refund for unused boat slip rental fees. The Harbor Master of the Fulton Marina didn’t believe that Russell was entitled to the refund.

Mertes says the Fulton City Administrator, over whom Russell had no direct control, issued a refund. Within days of receiving it, Russell repaid the refund to the marina and appealed the disputed issue to the marina’s board.

The Whiteside County State’s Attorney’s Office filed criminal felony charges against Russell in August of 2016.

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