Old school in Clinton transformed into an apartment building


CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) — Community members had a chance to peek into the old Roosevelt School, after it has been transformed into an apartment building.

The Building was originally an elementary school, a high school, a library, and finally the district’s administration building. Now the historic building is functioning again but this time as an affordable housing option for Clinton.

The Community Housing Initiative was able to purchase the building from the school district with the goal of re-purposing it. The architects on the project left parts of the original building exposed, including bricks that former students engraved names and dates into.

Matt Hauge, Community Housing Initiative Communications Director said the crew was excited to finally let the public see the finished product. After spending $4.8 million dollars the building has 16 apartments move-in ready. Hauge said four of the apartments are not income regulated and the rest are meant for moderate to lower income tenants.

Doors opened to the community at 4 pm on Tuesday, and residents were lined down the street for a chance to see the completed project. Nancy Gravert was a former Roosevelt School student and was impressed by the outcome.  “I really went into it thinking I really wanted to see my old school because I went to elementary school here, and I got inside and it is awesome,” said Gravert.

City leaders are hoping this project will create more rental options for those interested in living downtown, and encourage people from other areas to come visit. Jessica Kinser, Clinton City Administrator, said she hopes the new housing option will encourage more young professionals to come to Clinton.

“This project has been a huge success, it took a building that is really a part of our downtown and had been for a few year, and has turned it into what will be a vibrant piece of our downtown fabric here in the very near future,” said Kinser.

To apply for housing at the Roosevelt School head over to Community Housing Initiative website: http://www.chihousing.com/property.php?listing_id=71

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