World Relief Moline seeing more volunteers


MOLINE, Ill.  (KWQC) – Since last fall, the World Relief Moline has not seen an increase in migrants and refugees coming to the QCA. But the organization has seen an increase in volunteers.

“It’s incredible,” said World Relief volunteer Ann McGlynn as she choked back tears.

It’s been four weeks since she and her church, St. Paul Lutheran started helping a refugee family from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“The family that we’re helping is a single mom and she has six kids,” McGlynn said.

The church volunteers help get the family to doctor’s appointments, assist in running errands and teach them English. But it is more than simply teaching the family about America that brought McGlynn to tears.

“Some days when life feels hard, like yesterday, I picked up and I went to go see them,” she said.

McGlynn said the family takes great joy in cooking, hard work and becoming independent.

“They’re incredible human beings and we’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to be with them,” she said.

McGlynn and the other dozens of volunteers from her church are part of the growing help World Relief Moline has seen over the past year.

“Since last fall, when the media was highlighting what was going on in the Middle East, we have had so many churches reach out to us and volunteers that are wanting to help and wanting to serve,” said Amy Rowell,  director of World Relief Moline

She said the increase in volunteers has been a blessing for the organization.

“Because what we want more than anything is when a family does come here we want to welcome them with open arms,” Rowell said.

She said volunteers help ease refugees transition into American culture.
And both she and McGlynn said the work is well worth it.

“It has been wonderful, beautiful experience,” McGlynnn said.

World Relief has several volunteer opportunities. Those include setting up apartments before refugees arrive, taking people grocery shopping, and welcoming people at the airport.

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