Drum circle promotes harmony in Davenport school


DAVENPORT,, Iowa (KWQC) – Percussive sounds filled the room as an African drum group, called Hand and Heart, performed at Washington Elementary School Fri., Oct. 21, 2016. The visit was part of the annual Red Ribbon week. What do drums have to do with the week traditionally dedicated to drug prevention?

Philip Seward, who has performed all over the world, says he is teaching the history of African drums to students, while incorporating how it relates to anti-bullying.
Teachers say the message and the music are both beneficial for the kids.drum-circle-audience

“We want students to be empowered. We want students to be successful. We want to give them coping strategies and tools so they can go ahead and rise above those types of issues,” said school administrator Morgan Brewer.

Students and staff got to join in the performance at an assembly. They were able to spread an anti-bullying messages through shields they created for the performance. Seward says a drum circle can also pertain to diversity, anti-bullying, and getting along with others since cooperation is key for a performance.

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