Volunteers help King’s Harvest clean-up two weeks after the tornado

Courtesy: Kings Harvest, Facebook
Courtesy: Kings Harvest, Facebook

DAVENPORT, Iowa. (KWQC) — Volunteers poured into King’s Harvest Ministries Friday morning to help clean up after a tornado left the center with substantial damage.

A tornado hit and damage the shelter on October 6, 2016, damaging the buildings new roof. After assessing the damage the next day, the shelter was deemed unsafe and had to shut down.

The center is now safe enough for volunteers to come back in. Assistant Director, Brandi Anderson said they will use this as a chance to clean the place up before they officially open the doors.

“We have volunteers coming in cleaning all the bathrooms, getting the kitchen prepared that way it’s nice and clean when we can re-open and cleaning the dining room here,” said Anderson.

This is the first time Anderson can remember the shelter shutting down completely.

“It’s very difficult because you know everybody who works here and volunteers here, they love what they do so not being able to do that is really hard,” said Anderson,”We’ve had a lot of people who are just completely understand and we are so grateful for that.”

Work is far from complete but volunteers and staff are glad to finally get back to the shelter. Ed Finn has volunteered at the shelter many of times, but wanted to make sure he helped even more after the storm.

“I’m glad that we have an opportunity today to help get everything cleaned up so that we can get right back to serving meals, I mean that’s the reason we are here,” said Finn.

Anderson said the amount of help coming in is overwhelming. “We’ve had a wonderful outpouring from the community just so many people coming forward saying how can I help and donating their funds,” said Anderson.

Some community members are going above and beyond, donating more than just time and money.

“I think people are really pitching in to try to help accommodate those who lost their housing,” said Finn.

He tells a story of another volunteering offering to house a shelter resident until the doors open again. At this time staff are unsure when the shelter will officially open.

Anderson said King’s Harvest Ministries is still in need of any financial help, to donate head to http://www.kingsharvest.net/donations/

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