Scott County Sheriff’s Office works to educate public at Prescription Take Back Day


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Saturday, October 22, 2016, was the 12th Biannual National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. The event is sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

In Iowa, there were more than 100 sites that teamed up to collect old or unused medications.

In Scott County, Take Back Day was held at the Waste Commission. There, Scott County Sheriff’s Officers assisted in the collection of prescription medication people dropped off.

“We tell people not to store up or save those items in their homes because kids can get to them, other people can break in,” said Detective with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, Rachelle Kunde.

She also said, prescriptions are easier for some to get their hands on.

“There is a large rise of prescription drugs, over use or misuse coming on to society now,” said Detective Kunde. “I just think that some other drugs are harder to get and prescription drugs are alot easier, especially for youth, to get their hands on.”

Some people don’t realize they can dispose of most of their unused prescriptions on their own.

“Years ago we used tell people do not throw them in the garbage, do not put them down the sinks, anything like that,” said Detective Kunde.

But now people can throw away their prescriptions at home, and Scott County Sheriff Officer’s worked to educate those that dropped meds off at the Waste Commission.

“We prefer people to take those drugs that they have and go ahead and put them with their undesirable garbage and it will go to the landfill,” said Detective Kunde.

But, Detective Kunde says she thinks some people are nervous about putting their pill bottles in the trash.

“I think people are concerned about throwing their pills in the garbage because their names on the prescription bottles and, if that’s the case, we encourage people to separate pills from the containers, remove labels if you would like to do that,” said Detective Kunde.

Scott County Sheriff’s Office encourages people to put their prescriptions in a sealed container or even make them “undesirable” by mixing them with material like old coffee grounds.

For more information on how to dispose of old or unwanted prescriptions visit the Waste Commission of Scott County’s Website.  


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