Locust Park gets makeover, brings Clinton community together


Clinton, IA (KWQC) In an effort to create change in a small community. One small community neighborhood group who call themselves, ‘Vision 8’ leaped at the chance to rejuvenate a forgotten park. Which once had shards of broken glass, and a bad reputation.

“It was just not a place you would have for your children,” said Jenny Doyle, a Vision 8, volunteer. She says the place park was a place that need to be treated with kindness

“This is the one and only fenced in park in Clinton and I thought how wonderful that have been when my kids were young,” Doyle said.

So she and other members of the group quickly put a place in place. Giving the small park some much needed color.

“I had people walking by when we were doing this, and they just say you know you just brightened our whole neighborhood and hopefully it’ll spread,” said Doyle.

Doyle said she’s noticed that more kids have played in the neighborhood since the parks makeover.
“One of the awesome things that happened with this park, is when the kids are here painting, that it made them want to play, and the kids actually did.”

Doyle also says, sometimes you can’t depend on the city to do these types of projects. It’s the people that have to take that first step.

“I do get a lot of “isn’t that the cities job? But we are the city, and our city is only as good as its citizens.”

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