Moline grad hopes twins, Clark and Addison, are good luck to Cubs

clark-and-addison-2SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (KWQC) — Twins Clark and Addison McFarland will be 4-months-old on October 27. They were born in June of 2016, the same night Kris Bryant hit three home runs and two doubles.

“We had been looking for name ideas throughout the winter and early spring when a friend of ours mentioned that we should go with Clark and Addison,” said dad, Scott McFarland. “It was a few weeks before opening day, so it made sense to us.” Cubs kids clark addison

Wrigley Field stands at the intersection of Clark and Addison Streets in Chicago.

Clark and Addison, the twins, are young fans. So is their 6-year-old sister, Anastasia. The McFarland kids don’t fully understand the Chicago Cubs history… yet. But their dad does.

“I have been a Cubs fan my whole life. I would watch WGN with my grandfather, Joe, who still lives in Milan.” McFarland graduated from Moline High School and moved to Springfield for graduate school in 2006. mcfarland-family-at-cubs-game

“I met my wife at Western Illinois and she joined me in Springfield.” But there was one problem — his new bride was a Chicago White Sox fan and so was her entire family. Things are different now…

“I think she switched sides after the first time I took her to Wrigley,” said McFarland.

“Yes, Wrigley is a very special place.”

Now, it holds even more meaning.







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