Politicians campaign for last-minute votes


BETTENDORF, Ia. (KWQC)- With Election Day just two weeks away, several politicians are campaigning to earn extra votes. Tuesday the Scott County Republican Party hosted an open house where Iowa Governor, Terry Branstad, spoke to enthuse republican supporters.

“We can’t take anything for granted this is going to be a close election,” Branstad said. “There is a lot of enthusiasm, there is a lot of people out here working for the whole ticket.”

Branstad spoke about the importance that newly elected candidates would have on education and jobs. He argued that a vote for Clinton is a vote for the status quo and that Donald Trump supports change.

“This country is headed in the wrong direction, and we need new leadership we need to restore America’s leadership.”

United States Senator, Jeff Merkley also made a stop to campaign in Davenport on Tuesday. Merkley spoke about the importance of voting, fighting for jobs and fundamentals that he believes Hillary Clinton instills.

“When we finished with the republican administration we had a completely collapsing economy, we had unemployment going up by one percent per month, we’ve now had year, after year, after year of a lot of job growth every single month.”

Merkley plans to campaign for Hillary Clinton in Nevada, following his trip to Iowa. Governor Branstad said he’ll also campaign for Donald Trump and down ballot candidates up until November 8th.

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