‘Power for Parker’ supporters continue to rally behind Bettendorf teen

'Power for Parker' supporters continue to rally behind Bettendorf teen

BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) – Two years ago, Pleasant Valley freshman, Parker Kress was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer known as Ewing Sarcoma. Since then, he has had several treatments and surgeries.

Doctors found an infection in Kress’ leg this summer, which left him with a difficult choice, whether or not he should have his leg amputated.

Kress was prepared to have the surgery Tuesday, but last week, scans showed the infection is gone, and he no longer needs the surgery.

Since then, Kress and his entire support system have been celebrating what they call a miracle.

What was originally supposed to be a send off to surgery for Kress, turned into a celebration at Pleasant Valley High School Monday afternoon.

“I thought it was going to get canceled, I was like, ‘oh there’s no reason to do it,’ but nope, they kept at it and surprised me,” Kress said.

That all happened after Kress received good news from doctors that his leg amputation, scheduled for Tuesday was canceled.

“It still feels like the surgery’s going to happen [Tuesday], but I guess I won’t realize that until [Tuesday] when I wake up, but I’ll be here,” Kress said.

Students, teachers and friends were all in their yellow “Power for Parker” shirts to support Kress’ two-year battle against Ewing Sarcoma.

“It was weird like, but in a good way, like I wasn’t expecting that many people to wear yellow, I was like oh it’ll just be a small thing, but no like almost everyone was wearing yellow, it was amazing,” Kress said.

Pat Angerer was also there showing support for Kress, a former Iowa Hawkeye and Indianapolis Colts football player.

“The way he sees the world and a lot of its to do with the things that he’s gone through, obviously you know, any kid that’s fighting a fight like that has a special place in my heart, you know, anybody in the world that’s going through something like that obviously you [have to] support them and have their back,” Angerer said.

The Bettendorf High School grad met Kress while the teen was going through chemotherapy in Iowa City.

“He came to one of my physical therapy meets, that’s the first time we ever met him, we’ve just seen him off and on since then, he’s amazing,” Kress said.

“He’s really pushing Parker and it motivates Parker to be better every day,” Kristin Dumser, Kress’ mom said.

Kress says he couldn’t have done any of this without his support system and he’s happy the week ahead brings school work, rather than surgery and recovery.

“Yeah, normal life,” Kress said with a laugh.

Several weekends ago, Kress was the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital kid captain at the Hawkeye football game.

Kress says spirits were high at the game this past Saturday, after learning the amputation surgery wouldn’t be happening. He says it was still a good day, even though the Hawks didn’t win.

Kress still has some spots on his lungs that doctors will need to check out on Nov. 8. Kress says he and his family are staying optimistic.

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