Quite A Find!

Fran Riley Feature


SCOTT COUNTY, Iowa (KWQC) – Sometimes, history surfaces in some remote places. Especially along the backroads of Scott County near Donahue.

For years, the Linn Grove Pioneer Cemetery was not visible from the road nearby. The area was overrun with trees and brush. Scott County Sheriff Dennis Conard drove by the area many times and did not know a pioneer cemetery was there.

About five years ago, one of the local neighbors notified the county that the cemetery headstones also needed repair. Enter volunteers, county jail inmates, and others. They went to work, restoring a part of Scott County History.

Folks brought in heavy equipment, picked up the broken headstone pieces, and over time, put the cemetery together again.

One of the people buried at Linn Grove is Civil War Sergeant Alexander Wells. He was an older Union volunteer who died near Saint Louis in 1863.

These days, the cemetery fence, American flag, and neatly mowed  grass restore  dignity to this rural cemetery. Proof that sometimes you never really know what might be found behind a grove of trees!

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