Rock Falls Cubs fan gets the surprise of a lifetime


ROCK FALLS, Ill. (KWQC) – Family members describe Pete Russell of Rock Falls, as a “dedicated Cubs fan”.

With only a TV antenna, he isn’t able to watch all the games, but he listens to them on the radio and stays up late to watch highlights on his phone.

“A loyal fan,” Russell’s daughter, Jorie Van Horn said about her dad.

“He bleeds Cubbie blue,” Russell’s son-in-law, Jason Van Horn, added. “He’ll tell you all the stats from the 1960’s all the way up to present.”

Russell’s family members say he has been a Chicago Cubs fan, his entire life, so when the team punched their ticket to the World Series series, they say there was no question what they wanted to do for their dad.

“He’s a giver, he always gives good, so it’s nice to give good back,” Jorie Van Horn said.

It was already going to be an exciting night for Russell.

“Two of my children’s families are coming over, we were going to watch the game and bring pizza and I was like O.K.,” Russell said.

Little did he know, his family was coming over with more than just pizza, but the surprise of a lifetime: a ticket to a World Series game.

“This is not real, this is real?” Russell asked family members after receiving his ticket Tuesday night.

“It’s real, you’re going on Friday, dad,” Jorie Van Horn responded.

The surprise left Russell in disbelief.

“I didn’t think i was ever going to go to a World Series game, no,” Russell said.

Russell says he’s even more excited, for what he calls a long time coming.

“I feel so honored and I feel really humbled and I just can’t believe I’m going, it’s just very special, about as special as you can get in a lifetime I suppose I’d have to say,” Russell said.

Russell says Tuesday, is a day he’ll never forget, and he’s looking forward to another unforgettable day on Friday when he heads to Chicago for game three of the World Series.

Russell’s ticket cost $2,400 and was paid for through crowd source donations from friends and family.

Family members say, the donation page, “Send Old Man Russell to the World Series” is still up on They say any extra donations they receive, will go towards buying a ticket for Russell’s wife, Cindy to go to the game with him.

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