WIU to host forum on the revitilization of the Floreciente neighborhood


MOLINE, Illinois (KWQC) – The revitalization of the Floreciente neighborhood is a project numerous organizations in the Quad Cities are working on.

In order to bring those partners with the neighborhood together, Western Illinois University is holding a forum on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.

This forum is one in a series on social entrepreneurship. The focus of the forums is just that, addressing social need through entrepreneurs and those working with businesses.

The series includes four forums, this particular one is titled “Sustainable Partnership in Floreciente.” The event will include City Planner, Jeff Anderson, and a local non-profit, Global Communities, will lead the discussion.

“We thought we could help bring together all the various partners that would be an important part of this discussion,” said WIU Dean James Rabchuk.

Presentations will be made my numerous organizations and the university’s hope, Dean Rabchuk says, is for the forum to be beneficial for everyone involved.

Dean Rabchuk says they hope the event can aid the community their Quad Cities campus is apart of.

“We are interested in working together with the communities where we are to help bring about the revitalization that needs to happen, economic, economic activity, social, intellectual activity that makes a vibrant community that somebody wants to live and work and grow,” said Dean Rabchuk.

He also hopes the forum shows his students the majors they offer can prepare them for real work issues and aiding communities.

“And so this a way to expose them to that and to get them involved and then at the same time we help the community,” said Dean Rabchuck. “[Because] in getting our students prepared for addressing those kinds of issues, then they can make connections, they can network, they can come to WIU to find the kinds of people that are going to be engaged and ready to participate.”

The forum is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Oct. 26 at Riverfront Hall rooms 103-104.


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