Camera records half-naked man torching Trump sign

Two bystanders appear to fist-bump man during the burning

(Kevin and Jane Leighty)
(Kevin and Jane Leighty)

PLATTEVILLE, Wisc. (KWQC) – A man wearing only boxer shorts was caught on camera last Friday setting fire to a Donald Trump campaign sign.

The sign was planted in the yard of Kevin and Jane Leighty of Platteville, Wisconsin, about an hour north of the Quad Cities Area.

The couple had recently installed surveillance cameras as a security measure, but they never expected to capture something this bizarre.

“Seeing the video is just disbelief,” Jane Leighty told KWQC.

The full-length nighttime recording posted on YouTube shows a man in his bare feet and no shirt walking up to the sign and setting it on fire using what appears to be a torch.

After about 90 seconds, with the sign now ablaze, two bystanders approach the man and the three converse for nearly two minutes.

The bystanders appear to fist-bump the half-naked man before they go on their way and he calmly resumes applying flames to the sign.

“What’s really crazy is it was only 40 degrees at the time,” Leighty says.

Even though the entire incident lasts around 20 minutes, Leighty says she is frustrated no one called law enforcement.

“Here you’ve got a man in his underwear in 40-degree weather torching a yard sign in full view of passing cars and no one thought, ‘Hey, maybe I should call police?’”

Leighty says she knows the identity of the man and plans to press charges.

In the meantime, she says the burned sign has been replaced by a larger, stronger Trump sign that so far has remained undamaged.

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