Groups gather, discuss and collaborate to revitalize Floreciente Neighborhood


MOLINE, Ill (KWQC)- In the Floreciente Neighborhood things are changing, because of people coming together.

“Where you get these effective partnerships, that’s where the real inertia and excitement is and things start getting done,” said Moline City Planner, Jeff Anderson.

To expand those partnerships and to expand collaboration even further; Western Illinois Quad Cities, The City of Moline, an organization called Global Communities and a few others talked about how to better improve the Moline Neighborhood.

It was all part of a series on social entrepreneurship, held at WIU Quad Cities.

“Every organization, whether it’s a nonprofit, a business or the government has limited resources,” said Annisa Wanat, Program Director of global Communities Moline. “So, the more we’re working together, the more we can use our limited resources to a greater effect.”

The panel, spearheaded by Global Communities, shared problems the area faces.

“The list is long, just like it would be in any community,” Wanat said, adding that she has a list of about 45 things the community said it wanted in the last five years.

The panel also shared what the group plans to do in the near future to better the area.

“Next, we’re looking at some infrastructure issues, sidewalks, streets and we talked about awnings,” Wanat added.

As well as put businesses in empty storefronts, and to reestablish the neighborhood association to then prepare Floreciente for decades down the road.

“I think that as the train station comes in, more people are going to be traveling through the community,” Wanat said. “We want to get it in place so people want to stop as opposed to just drive through.”

Global Communities is funded by John Deere and focuses on the Floriciente Neighborhood because John Deere has two facilities near the neighborhood.

Today’s panel discussion was part of a four-part series held at WIU Quad Cities focusing on social entrepreneurship.

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