Search continues for missing Dixon man


Dixon, Il (KWQC) It’s been more than a week since 27 year old Zachary O’Bryant went missing from Dixon, Illinois. He was last seen on Tuesday October 18th. Friends and family members of Zachary O’Bryant say this has been the hardest thing they’ve ever had to go through. For days they’ve been searching for a person they say is dependable and responsible.

His mother, Suzy McCullough says it’s unusual for her son to leave without hearing from him.

“This is very out of character,” said McCullough. “He’s a very dependable young man, he was a straight A student when he was in school, he’s never been arrested this is a good kid.”

McCullough, along with Zach’s girlfriend, Ashley have been leading volunteer searches crews. Passing out flyers and holding meetings to figure out their next step
“It’s just so hard not knowing where he is, I’m just hoping he’s ok.” said O’Bryants girlfriend, Ashley William-Morris.

O’Bryant was last seen outside of the Patio’s pub, in Dixon wearing jeans and a cut off t-shirt. Lee County Sheriff John Simonton says it is unsettling that O’Bryant has been missing for so long.

“With the cold weather we’re having it very concerning that he might have been out late at night in some colder weather.” said Simonton

The Sheriff also says his team has looked everywhere, including the Rock River, but remains positive that they can still find him.

“Our investigation is still geared towards trying to help find this person a live. But we have to keep checking, and we’re still optimistic that we can find him alive.” said Simonton

His mother Suzy is also helpful her son will be found

“I’m just hoping to find him one way or another, I’m hoping he’s still alive at this point you can’t help but fear the worst.” said McCullough.


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