A Survivor’s Story

Fran Riley Feature


QUAD CITIES (KWQC) — July, 2007. A month Bev Trask will never forget. That’s when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The cancer was detected early. Bev’s cancer was stage zero. There was no trace of it in her family history.

The following month, Trask had her left breast removed. Nine years later, Bev exercises about six days a week. She is in good health.

She also tells her story in a unique way. Bev sewed a quilt made from the 25 tee shirts she wore when running over the years in the Race For The Cure.

The quilt is the only one she has made. There are five tee shirts in each row. One is from the first race Trask ran in 1990. She took each tee and cut it out in squares.

She did not have chemo or radiation. Her cancer was discovered through a mammogram. A self- breast exam would not have found it.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Trask advises women to get a mammogram every year.

One survivor’s inspiring story. A celebration of life!

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