Solar station being installed near Wilton


WILTON, Iowa (KWQC)-Over 7,000 solar panels are being installed near Wilton, Iowa.  The Central Iowa Power Cooperative is hoping to use fewer emissions while bringing energy to nearly 19,000 customers.

This solar station is the largest of the 5 going in around Eastern Iowa, and will be up and running in the next few weeks.

Officials say customers will not notice any increase in their electric bills.

“We’re very excited it is a newer technology and there are folks that have small installations in their home there really are not very many at the utility scale solar arrays out,” said Eastern Iowa Power CEO Kirk Trede.

img_1828 img_1829

Here are some quick facts on the project:

-The solar arrays are ground-mounted 30 degree fixed-tilt systems.

-The CIPCO project utilizes more than 17,000 solar panels across all 5 states.

-This generation site at Eastern Iowa Solar will contain 7,236 solar panels and 201 racking tables

– Eastern Iowa Solar will generate 3,178,600 Kwh of energy in the first year; enough to power 317 homes.

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