UPDATE- Vote for new Bettendorf mental health facility fails to pass


UPDATE 10-27-16 The board held another meeting and voted. It was split again, so it will not pass. Look for updates on the KWQC-TV and KWQC.com

ANKENY, Iowa (KWQC) — Strategic Behavior Health had a second chance to apply to the state health board for a chance to build a stand-alone mental health facility in Bettendorf, but the vote was postponed.

After hours of testimony on Tuesday, the much anticipated vote was postponed after genesis hospitals brought up issues against Strategic Behavioral Health, or SBH.

A spokesperson for Genesis Hospital, read from accusations levied against SBH. This particular report discusses violations at a facility in New Mexico.

That report,  from a disability rights non-profit in New Mexico, alleges that SBH, provided an unsafe environment to residents at an adolescent facility. As soon as the report was brought up, the council called for a break saying the information was not given to them in advance, and they would need time to look it over.

Before those violations surfaced more than 20 people spoke in favor of the project.  Many of them local law enforcement and even Bettendorf’s mayor.

Both local hospitals, Unity Point Trinity and Genesis had time to present their opposing views. Each team said a lack of beds in Scott County is not an issue.

Each hospital has added beds and reports they could add still more beds rather than adding an entirely new facility in the county.

SBH team members said they don’t want to take business away from trinity or genesis, instead, they said they want to work with them as a team to help provide more services to Scott County.

The Bettendorf mayor says he doesn’t like the way Genesis brought up the claims against SBH.

The “Las Cruces Sun-News” reports state regulators did their own investigation and imposed sanctions against SBH. Those sanctions are being removed and SBH presented a corrected plan in March.

The first time SBH presented it’s application for a facility in Scott County, was in February. That meeting resulted in a tie-vote.

This week’s meeting will continue on October 27. Genesis will then be able to talk about these SBH violations and SBH will have a chance to defend it’s case.

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