What’s In A Name – Soule Bowl

EAST MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) – If you’ve ever been to a football game, a track meet, or watched a marching band performance, you’ll understand why people in the United Township school district say Soule Bowl is a special place.

The stadium has nearly 9 decades of history. In the early 1930’s the East Moline Hilltoppers, as they were known at the time, wanted a football stadium. Money was available for community projects through the Works Progress Administration, but because schools weren’t eligible for the money, the city of East Moline  had to apply for the funds. A man named Dr. Earl Soule was a member of the East Moline park board at the time. He did much of the work to secure the federal funds. Dr. Soule also helped with local fundraising events to raise extra money for the stadium project. Because of his hard work and dedication to the project, the new stadium was named Soule Bowl in his honor.

Soule Bowl was christened in 1937 and football games and countless other events have been taking place there ever since. The city owned the stadium until 1973 when it was sold to the United Township School District.  Although it has undergone a few renovations over the years, the stadium today is much the same as it was in Dr. Soule’s time. UT athletes, band members and administrators say they are proud of the stadium’s history and say there is no field quite like Soule Bowl.

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