Erie, Ill. schools closed to clean mold in classrooms


ERIE, Ill. (KWQC) – School was canceled in Erie on Friday, October 28, 2016 and officials say mold is to blame. Classroom cleaning was announced and class is expected to resume on Monday.

In a message to parents sent on Thursday night, October, 27, 2016, Erie High School Principal Tim McConnell says preliminary test results showed high concentrations of non-toxic molds in several classrooms at the elementary and middle schools. McConnell says the school’s environmental engineer has assured officials that there are no toxic molds in any classrooms.

McConnell says school officials have been given specific areas that need cleaning. He says the cleaning will be done on Friday in hopes to make the air quality better for the students.

The school says they plan to post the full report from the environmental engineer online when it is complete. Anyone with questions should contact Superintendent Cox at 309-659-2239 or your building principal.

Stay tuned to KWQC-TV6 and for updates when as we receive them.

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