Erie school district investigates mold in two schools


Erie, IL (KWQC) Erie students are out of school after mold is found in several classrooms in both the middle and elementary schools. This comes after the school district received preliminary test results from their most recent campus-wide air quality tests. The test show that the mold is non-toxic, but that still concerns many parents.

“We just want to know more information I guess because I haven’t really heard much of what’s going on,” said Pam Ashdown, a grandmother of an Erie elementary student. “I’m a little concerned that you know how long has it been there when did they do this air testing and you know what are the affects going to be,” she went on to say.

Superintendent Brad Cox says there finding way to fix the problem.

“We had 7 or 8 spots across our campus, classrooms on campus where we had some elevated counts of non-toxic spores,” said Cox

Cox says the level of humidity over the past few months is the root of the problem.

“This hot we condition has been going on in this part of the country for since July, and we have had in multiple classrooms across the campus in multiple buildings,” Cox said.

The Erie superintendent says he hasn’t noticed any issues with the students.

“And so from a student perspective we haven’t noticed any negative affects we’re trying to get in front of this and making doubly sure this doesn’t happen.”

But concerned parents like Pam Ashdown, say they want answers. “Hopefully this time it’ll get fixed completely and this situation will never happen again.”

The school districts say the school plans to have professional cleaners to come in through the weekend to get rid of the mold. School is scheduled to be open, Monday morning.

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