Many Rock Island students sent home until vaccines and physicals are up-to-date


ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) — Hundreds of students are not able to attend school in Rock Island until an updated physical and immunization form have been turned in.

Holly Sparkman, Rock Island-Milan School District Communications Director, said it’s not uncommon to have non-compliant students each year, but she said this year the numbers are much higher.

Sparkman said more then 300 students are non-complaint with around 130 missing a critical vaccination: menactra. Menactra is used to prevent the bacterial form of meningitis.

The law started in 2015, now students in Illinois are required to have the vaccination. Illinois state law now states any child entering 12th grade must show proof of two doses of menactra. The first dose is to be given at age 11 with a second dose before the start of 12th grade.

Since the law just went into affect last year, students in 12th grade can have just one dose as long as they were at least 16 years old when they received the first dose.

Parents were given a deadline of October 15 to present these forms to the school district. Any students who were not compliant were sent home and told they can return once they are up-to-date.

Sparkman said the district is encouraging parents to get their children vaccinated as soon as possible. “We are working hard to get families directed in the right place to get this taken care of,” said Sparkman.

The vaccination is available at most doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and health clinics. Menactra does not treat the viral form of meningitis, at this time there is not a vaccination for this version of the virus.

A case of bacterial meningitis has been confirmed at Augustana College. One student is hospitalized and receiving treatment at this time.  Emails were sent to students offering tips to avoid catching the virus.

For more information on the vaccine follow this link:


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