Moline police department uses social media to catch criminals


MOLINE, Il. (KWQC)- Detective Scott Williams has been fighting crime for over 30 years. When he first started in 1987 the department used flyers and television news to help identify suspects or people of interest. Now the department is utilizing the power of social media to catch criminals, connect with the community, and identify missing persons.

“People will comment, people will call the police department, or they can call crime stoppers to stay anonymous and even get paid to do that,” said Williams.

The department posts in both English and Spanish in order to reach a broader audience. Since starting their Facebook page in February, their site has nearly 4,000 likes. Officers post surveillance video, missing people alerts, press releases and events to help keep the community up to date with what is going on. Detective Williams said they receive calls sometimes minutes after posting and with the public’s help have solved crimes in just hours.

“We have about a 95 percent success rate of identifying that person within two days.”

The department says they’re considering starting a Twitter account to help in their social media efforts. If you would like to follow the Moline Police Department Facebook page, click “like” at top of their page.

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