Plane on fire at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

Credit: Jose Castillo
Credit: Jose Castillo

[anvplayer video=”KWQC:1137019″

UPDATE: American Airlines communications spokeswoman Leslie Scott tells CNN: AA flight 383, a 767 bound for Miami, aborted take-off due to an engine-related mechanical issue. The 161 passengers and 9 crew deplaned on the runway and buses are enroute to pick up the passengers and bring them back to the terminal.

According to the FAA, arrivals are being delayed an average of 1 hour 15 minutes due to the disabled aircraft at O’hare. Because of increase traffic volume delays at Midway Airport in Chicago are running about 40 minutes behind. A spokesperson for the Quad City International Airport says traffic is not being impacted in Moline.

CHICAGO (AP) – Authorities say an American Airlines plane caught fire and passengers evacuated on the runway at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Tony Molinaro says American Airlines Flight 383 departed Chicago for Miami on Friday afternoon when it blew a tire and damaged an engine. Molinaro says the pilot aborted the takeoff and everyone evacuated. There were no injuries.

Television reports showed a large plume of black smoke coming from the Boeing 767, which appeared to be damaged at the rear. Evacuation chutes extended from the plane.

Chicago fire officials said on the department’s Twitter account that there was an extra-alarm emergency response at the airport for an “aircraft down.”

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