Dozens of storage units broken into in Sherrard


SHERRARD, Ill. (KWQC) – Officers with the Illinois State Police and Mercer County Sheriff’s Department were still at Stor Mor Storage Units in Sherrard Saturday afternoon after dozens of storage units were broken into Friday night.

The units were closed off to renters for most of the day, but the commotion had many stopping by to see what was going on in their town.

“It’s getting close to the holidays especially like Halloween, people start doing like weird and crazy things.” Joycelyn Clinton lives in Sherrard, just up the street from the Stor Mor Storage Units.

“I drive through every day because this is the only way in and out to get to work,” Clinton said.

Officers with the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department say that’s where more than 40 storage units were broken into sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning.

Clinton says it’s a quiet area, so this news came as a shock to her.

“I saw the police cars and I was like wow, that’s weird, I wonder whats going on over there. That’s what I was thinking, I was like I never really see the police come through here,” Clinton said.

Clinton says because of this she plans to be a little more cautious at home.

“It is a little weird, it’s a little bit scary because now I’ll make sure I keep my doors locked and make sure everything is good to go,” she said.

Officers say they don’t know if anything was stolen out of these units, yet.

Clinton says she’s hoping for the best in a bad situation.

“I just hope like whoever took something returns it because, you know people work hard for the things that they buy and they earn and they want to keep them so hopefully maybe they’ll put it back,” she said.

Police and the owner of Stor Mor urge anyone with information about these break-ins to call Mercer County Crime Stoppers at 309-582-3500. Renters of the storage units are being asked to report missing property to the Mercer County Crime Stoppers as well.

This investigation is ongoing.

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