Carn-Evil ready to welcome trick-or-treaters

carn-evil display

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – If you drive down Kimberly Road in October it’s hard to miss the Caldwell’s House. Their yard is decked out in lights,hand-made gravestones, inflatables, even old vehicles, like a firetruck.

The ornate Halloween set-up has been going on for over a decade, says homeowner, Christina Caldwell. She says the set-up takes six weeks of work from family and friends, but they love this month’s festivities.

“It’s my mom our two daughters come out and help and then our niece and nephew and I, said Christina. “We have friends who pop in and out, so whoever is out and about that comes and helps. Everybody just grabs something and puts it out and it’s just a big effort of whoever wants to come help. And we all put our minds together and build off of each others creations.”

The family’s yard has been decorated for the entire month and they say they usually get around 50 visitors on a typical night.

“We all have fun together. We love to share all of our ideas with everybody and enjoy all the people stopping by seeing what we have done. It just is alot of fun,” said Christina.

Halloween is the last night QCA residents can check out Carn-Evil. But the Caldwell’s say they invite any trick-or-treaters to come out and see the yard.

The Caldwell’s home is located at 4301 W Kimberly Rd. in Davenport. The family says they usually have everything set-up by 5 p.m., when trick-or-treating begins in Davenport.

KWQC also has a full list of trick-or-treat times for residents across the QCA.



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