Early voting numbers climb as election day nears


Quad Cities (KWQC) – Nationwide about twenty-three million Americans have already cast their ballot for the 2016 election.

Both Rock Island County and Scott County have seen a steady increase in early voting. Early voting includes submitted absentee ballots, in-person voting at early voting sights, and ballots sent in from military members overseas.

Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz says those that vote early normally vote early each election.

“It’s the people that do it every year that feel comfortable,” she says. “They’re ready to vote, they like going to the early voting sites and having the opportunity of not waiting till election day in case there’s a line.”

Mortiz encourages those to research all the candidates before coming to vote because there’s no changing your mind after a ballot is submitted.

“Once you make your vote, it’s your vote that’s how it is,” she says.

For those voting early via absentee ballot, it must be signed, sealed, and post-marked by Monday, November 6th.

Election officials cannot assist voters with questions about candidates in polling places. They can only assist with questions about ballot layout.

Because of this, Moritz encourages voters to do their homework on the candidates before coming into vote next Tuesday.

“You absolutely have the opportunity to go to their websites check them out and see who they are and what they stand for,” she says.

Moritz believes voting is the only way to truly voice your opinion.

“However they feel they want to see that change in our nation and take the opportunity to exercise that right and get out and vote on Tuesday,” she says.

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