Halloween safety tips for kids and pets


DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Halloween means many QCA kids will head out to collect candy in costume. But before the big night, the Davenport Police Department is providing safety tips for parents.

Before the big night, parents should make sure their child can see and move in their costumes. If your child is wearing a dark colored costume, police recommend using reflective tape or purchasing glow sticks. These items make easier for your child to be seen while moving house to house.

Police also recommend planning a route before leaving the house and having a meeting point with your trick-or-treaters.

“Don’t be wandering away from areas that you aren’t familiar with and plan a route,” said Sgt. Mark Berger. “And if your child were to get lost kind of have a point of where you are going to meet up if you get separated for some reason.”

Ahead of the big night, local vets are also giving tips on how to prepare your pet.

If you have a pet that easily gets anxious around visitors, Managing DVM at Kimberly Pines Veterinarian Hospital, Christy Fields, says there are some options on Halloween night.

“So dogs that get really anxious about people coming to the door, I would suggest that you would just sit on the porch, maybe, so that people aren’t knocking on the door and causing the dog undue anxiety,” said Dr. Fields. “Also keeping the pet in maybe a separate room, buying him a new toy, or a chew toy to keep him busy is best.”

Dr. Fields also recommends keeping all candy away from pets and, if you haven’t been easing your pet into the sight of costumes, don’t wear a costume around your pet.

For more trick-or-treating tips for you family, visit the Davenport Police Twitter page. 

KWQC also has a full list of QCA trick-or-treating times.

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