One mother says Halloween dangers are too high to let her children trick or treat this year


BETTENDORF, Ia. (KWQC)- Halloween is a holiday most kids look forward to every year. It’s an evening filled with candy and crazy costumes as residents hand out candy to eager trick-or-treaters. However, this year, Kimberley Halsted said she’s not allowing  her kids to take part.

“I just want to avoid all of the chaos that’s been going on, it’s just too much, the rumors going on about a lot of things, my kids just being a little on edge about everything it’s just too much for them and it’s becoming too much for me.”

The Halsted family has trick or treated in years past, but said this year the safety concerns pose too big of a threat.

“Their safety is more important to me, I really don’t think that going out there and getting them riled up and having them have nightmares for the next few nights is worth going.”

Sergeant Mark Burger with the Davenport Police Department said safety should be a top priority for those participating in Halloween festivities.

“The biggest concern is traffic, there’s a lot more pedestrian traffic out walking around that drivers aren’t used to.”

Officers advise parents to come up with a meeting spot with their children before heading out, that way if they do get separated they’ll know where to meet. Halsted said she’s still unsure if her family will trick or treat next year, or if they’ll carry on with their new tradition of staying in.

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