Safety concerns surround storage units after recent break-ins

storage units

QUAD CITIES, (KWQC) — Storage unit break-ins have happened across the Quad Cities in the last few weeks on both sides of the Mississippi River.

Earlier in October, 92 storage units had locks cut off at the “AAA Storage” in Bettendorf. Not all units were missing items.

Most recently, 40 storage units in Sherrard were broken into overnight on Oct. 28 at the “Stor Mor.” The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department is sorting through storage items to figure out what is missing from the Sherard units.

Police say you run a risk when you rent a storage unit and you are liable when anything goes wrong. This is why “A+ Self Storage” Owner Joe Zrostlik recommends renters use insurance.

“It adds the peace of mind and in case it would ever happen to you then you would have some kind of coverage to reimburse for what your loss would be,” said Zrostlik.

He said he is lucky that he hasn’t had to deal with break-ins at his storage facilities. Zrostlik uses technology to help scare burglars away.

“With the well lighting, restricted access and good cameras, that should deter a lot of the negative activities surrounding self-storage,” said Zrostlik.

“A+ Storage” has cameras on the inside and outside of each building. Zrostlik admits that even with a more secure location, a break-in could happen. “It doesn’t guarantee that something won’t happen, but it would deter a lot people looking to gain through theft, if they know those things are in place,” said Zrostlik.

If you are a storage unit renter, Zrostlik has some advice. He said you should find a storage unit near a lot of traffic, one that is well let, and has security cameras. Once you pick a facility to store with, Zrostlik said you should monitor your belongs and keep an inventory just to be safe.

“Typically we just walk the property everyday and we make sure everything looks like it’s in check,” said Zrostlik, “Usually if somebody has tried to do something you are going to notice something out of place, but normally we just don’t see anything like that around here.”

If you think your unit has been broken into, you should look around the outside of the unit and look closely at the lock. Zrostlik said you will be able to tell if your unit has been breached. “Typically somebody is not going to leave it the way they found it and you’re going to know there’s been an entry or breach at the doorway so you’re going to know something’s up.”

If you suspect something has happened, you should alert law enforcement right away, and then contact your insurance company.

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