New Kingdom Trailriders scramble for funding


Sherrard, Il (KWQC) — Leaders with the New Kingdom Trailriders say it’s funding issue is a minor bump in the road. Executive Director Angie Nelson says this program needs more funding to continue helping those who need it the most. Nelson says the non-profit organization has fallen behind due in part because of it’s increasing popularity this past year.

“Our ridership has doubled in the last year, our horse herd has doubled in the last year,” said Nelson. “We’ve had a lot of renovations that we’ve had to do just to be operational here.”

But growth and popularity has been been costly to New Kingdom. Nelson says the facility cost totals more than $150K, and the upkeep of their horses is the biggest concern.

“They require not only hay but supplemental feed such as grain, probiotics and different things that we can help give them in addition to the hay to be healthy and still have a good quality of life here.” said Nelson

Nelson says this winter will be a tough on if the funding from the community isn’t provided.

“So helping us with donations to get through the winter feeding the horses is really important for us to keep our doors open,” Nelson said.

Nelson says the facility is what gives her a reason to keep giving, because of the kids she works with.

“They’re able to come out here and enjoy the horses and have this be a fun things in their lives, and it maybe the only fun or joyful thing they get to experience.”

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