When is deadly force acceptable? Lawyer outlines Iowa Law


DAVENPORT, Ia. (KWQC)- The Davenport Police Department arrested Byron Blackwell Tuesday for shooting a man police say was trying to break into his vehicle. Blackwell was charged with willful injury and going armed with intent. After the incident some area residents were left wondering what laws Iowa has in place regarding protection of property.

“I would not recommend trying to discharge a firearm at somebody trying to protect personal property, unless your own life or the life of your family is involved or somebody else is involved,” said Attorney, John Moeller. “The use of deadly force is going to be very dangerous in Iowa and could result in a criminal charge, and civil lawsuits.”

According to the Iowa Code, “a person is justified in the use of reasonable force to prevent or terminate criminal interference with the person’s possession or other right in property.”

Moeller said using deadly force in situations that don’t adhere to the Iowa Code, could result in criminal charges.

“I would not recommend using deadly force unless you are clearly protecting yourself or another person. I would not recommend deadly force to protect property under any circumstance.”

For more information on the Iowa Code, and what laws are in place as it relates to force and protection of property, visit the Iowa Legislature website.




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