90 Year old Cubs fan, finally gets her dream


Monmouth, Il (KWQC) It’s been more than a century, and the Cubs have finally taken the crown. 90 year old Marietta Vicroy, has been a Chicago Cubs fan, for years.

“I liked Harry Caray, so I when he went to the Cubs, I joined the Cubs and I’ve been a fan ever since,” said Vickroy.

Vicroy says the Cubs victory was more special to her because her love for the team is something she shared with her husband Clarence, who died of cancer in 2007.

“I wish he could have seen it, and here to enjoy, he’s been gone for 10 years now. He wold have loved it,” said Vicroy

But she’s surrounded by friends and family, gifts were sent to her home, because of her dedication to the team. Vicroy says although she had faith in the team, she was still worried about the Indians stealing her moment. “We were pretty scared there for a while, but they pulled it out, I knew they could do it, I’m just thrilled to death and I hope they keep it up and hopefully next year we can win it again.” she said.

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