Half penny hike: Rock Island County leaders ask for tax approval


ROCK ISLAND, Il. (KWQC)- Rock Island County leaders and Friends for Public Safety members gathered outside the Rock Island County Justice Center early Thursday morning. The officials made “closing arguments” asking voters to approve the half-cent sales tax on November 8th.

“You can say you support law enforcement all day long, but when you tell them there is not enough support to replace worn out squad cars, keep the jail safe or upgrade 40-year-old communication technology, your actions will speak louder than words,” said Sheriff Gerry Bustos.

If the tax isn’t approved, the county will be forced to borrow to cover necessary expenses. Bustos said if the half-cent tax is not granted he’ll run out of resources to ensure safety in the county.

“I will be forced to pay other counties to house our prisoners. I can also tell you with these cuts, I cannot maintain the safety of the courts, or the justice center.”

Chasity Kugler said she’s lived in Rock Island for years and is not in favor of the public safety sales tax.

“That means less money for me to provide to my child then I have to go and get a second job and pay daycare costs, and daycare costs are $500 a week, you know it’s not cheap and it’s hard for single parents to do all that.”

If approved, the sales tax is expected to generate seven million dollars per year for public safety.


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