Election officials prepare for big day

(WOOD file)
(WOOD file)

Davenport, IA (KWQC) Just days before election day, plenty of Quad Cities residents are volunteering their time to become election officials.

“Today we have the rural areas and all of Bettendorf come in and in the afternoon we have all of davenport cause we train about 350,’ said Scott County Commissioner for Elections, Roxanna Moritz.

She says there are many working parts to ensure a smooth election day, from greeters, to ballot counters.

“Making sure that you know the seals are where they need to be before they open the machine, how they close the machines at night, what happens if the machine breaks down during the day so all of those types of venues are covered today in this election training,” Moritz added.

Election officials know they’re in for a tough day. Many expect it to be more than 1 16 hour shift to help out. But many want to make sure their duties are done correctly to make voting day an easy day.

“They just want the voters to be confident when they come in and that they know that we know what we’re doing and that their confident when they vote,” said Election Official, Rennee Koberg.

But many say this is the most patriotic way they can serve their community.

“It’s doing my civic duty basically trying to just help the public.”

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